xPL Orator


xPL Orator is a text-to-speech module for xPL4Java. xPL Orator is based on the FreeTTS java speech synthesis engine and does not require Festival or any other applications or libraries. This is my first project using both xPL4Java and FreeTTS.

The current version (0.5) of xPL Orator has the FreeTTS engine bundled into the module jar. This presents a couple of problems:

  1. It makes the size of the module jar very large! 9MB
  2. It forces anyone who may already be using the FreeTTS engine to download it again. Alright, probably nobody, but still...
  3. It prevents end-users from customizing the speech engine by adding other voices.
The only solution that I can think of to this is to provide two bundles of the module, one with the engine embedded, the other without. I will prepare a module package without the speech engine and make it available as soon as I can.


xPL Orator v0.5 Module Jar 9MB Source Code 3KB


xPL Orator uses the TTS.BASIC schema. It currently only supports the "SPEECH" command.


To install the module simply copy the jar file to the "jars" directory under your xPL4Java server.

For Developers

xPL Orator requires the FreeTTS java speech synthesis engine.
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